Sunday, November 10, 2013


Fortunately, we're still experiencing Fall weather at the beginning of November. We are loving it! 
Since school started, R loves to be outside as soon as she gets home from school, whether we go for a bike ride, 

or just play (finishing her homework first, of course =)  

- E loves to read just like Rainey):

Sometimes we play games inside - this is the current favorite:

Or the girls spend time together, playing or reading:

Here's our little kindergartner - she looks so big to me:

R is still adjusting to full day kindergarten, and she tells me to wait for her to go on our adventures. Because that can't happen, I told her she could choose what we do on her days off. So on the four day weekend, we headed to the dinosaur museum and Thanksgiving point gardens on one day...


Playing at the children's gardens first

How beautiful are those colors? You can see the girls rolling down the hill, and Ikey loved to watch. We had such a great day!

...and on the other day, we went on a mini hike per R's requests. We were lucky Aunt Alex could join us! It was a bit chilly so we weren't out for long.

Another popular activity is gymnastics - both girls take a class and they love it! 
This happens all the time around our house (along with jump rope tricks):

Here's pictures R took on the way to gymnastics class - I love the car ride from her perspective:

I get lots of time with just E and Ike while R is at school - we love to go on bike rides with them in the burley and explore new parks. We also play at home -
I love this phase where a toy has to be in the mouth while crawling:

Greeting me at the door - brings me such joy!

E loves Ikey so much - sometimes her love is a bit too strong and I have to help her give him some space. 

But one day, I was cleaning the kitchen while these two were playing in the playroom and when I went to peek in on them, this is what I found - such sweet friends:

Some other highlights for me - family hike to Cecret Lake (we will summit one day!):

Visiting a pumpkin patch with this fun activity - R LOVED it:


Weekend morning family snuggles during Ikey's nap:

A visit from Papa and Grandma:

Life is great! We are busy and happy and feeling very grateful for everything we enjoy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Magical Days

Fall is the best in Utah - the weather is perfect, and we try to be outside as much as we can. The return of a schedule helps me maximize any free time. R started kindergarten (full day), and E started preschool 3 mornings a week. I'm teaching at the U again, but it's a more low key course, so the learning curve isn't as steep. With all these changes, I'm trying to make a point to enjoy any down time I get with the kids.

Enjoying the beautiful evenings -

Picking apples:

Foil Dinners using our fire pit:

This was the night before school started:

First days of school:

I got to have a date with the older girls while Kevin stayed at home with the baby on Saturday. Part of our date included a return I had to make at the mall. We had a great time going up and down the escalators, choosing scents at Bath and Body Works for our wall flower, and just exploring other stores. They love to imitate the mannequins:

While R was at school, I got a wide open rainy day with E and Ike. We read stories and then E wanted to make homemade bread and applesauce using apples from our tree. Here's my helper:

She helped me feed Ike - one of her favorite things:

 And then we ran outside in the rain together:

She lasted a little longer in the rain than me or Ikey:

And this cute boy - we can't get enough of him. He's army crawling all over the house, pulling up on things, and refusing any baby food. He's only sad when he's tired or hungry - still a dream baby:

I got a bike for my birthday, and I am loving our family bike rides! It's even better when Kev can join:

Summer Adventures

We had a wonderful summer filled with hikes, swimming, playgrounds, trips to the zoo, picking blackberries, playing polly pockets, etc.
A hike to see petroglyphs in Vernal:

A hike with Grandpa and cousins:

A hike with Dad:

All the great faces of this kid:

Couldn't resist putting this swimming shot on the blog - the look of pure joy on her face:

At the zoo - watching the seals here:

Waiting for the bird show:

Loving the blackberries:

We took a trip to Lake Powell with just Rainey and part of my family, and it was heavenly - too many pictures to post, but these give a taste of the magic.

R loved the jet ski. She even got up for a second behind it on two skis.

R was so good about sunscreen, hat, sun shirt over her suit, and life vest: 

 One of the campsites - we had beautiful views each night:

We had more than a week in Woodside, but my phone was not taking pictures. Sadly I only have a few, documenting the magic there - lawn games, pool time, CrossFit sessions, even badminton,

pie baking,

reading party,

hiking in the Redwoods,

feeding horses,

working around the property,

even a sailing trip on the SF bay with Captain Ben and grandparents and Finlaysons,

Such a perfect way to end the summer. We missed those who couldn't make it to either trip. We have some wonderful memories from the whole summer.